Friday, February 15, 2013

Day One

         I made it! I landed in Hong Kong around 11am Friday, which is around 7 or 8 pm in Vegas. The flight from Las Vegas to Seoul was long to say the least but every seat had personal tvs, that had movies & music. I was only running on 3 hours of sleep from the night before but I wanted to stay awake so bad because I wanted to try airplane food! Being that this was my first ever long flight I needed to try this. For dinner they had 3 choices, but I only heard one which was the Korean dish bibimbap, I've never had that but I ended up liking it a lot! After dinner I slept for most of the flight, well attempted to! I woke up pretty much every hour even though I had the window seat and had something to rest against. For breakfast I had some rice porridge that came with green tea sauce, I expected that sauce to be sweet but it was salty & seaweedy. Gross. We eventually landed in Seoul and had to go through customs & all of that fun stuff, not sure why we have to go through security again when we just got off a plane that made us go through security but oh well! We had a short little layover & then began our 3 1/2 hour flight to Hong Kong! On both of the flights, I sat next to really nice people that are also part of China Horizons. Landing in  Hong Kong felt so surreal, to know I was all the way across the world in a country where I know next to nothing about. But I'm so excited for this adventure and for what the next 5 months have in store for me! We exchanged money, took a public bus with all of our luggage, & checked into temple housing (literally right across the street from the temple), I share a room with 7 other girls but they all seem sweet. So far the one bathroom hasn't been a problem for any of us! Minus all the hair all over the place, oh girls..
After we checked in we went to a shopping mall/grocery store which is HUGE!! Food here is pretty much the same price as America just because this is a rich touristy area. We'll be in Shenzhen in a couple of days though so everything should get cheaper there! (:
For the rest of the day we all kind rested and most of us went to the temple.
Today we're going on the Victoria Peak tram which has amazing views of the city, so expect some really cool pictures from that!

My first every international flight!

$480 Hong Kong dollars equal to about $60 US dollars.

Temple Housing. 8 girls, 3 bunks beds (one of which is a double so 4 girls can fit)


  1. What an adventure!! Can't wait to see your pictures!

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